S.R. 0079, Section A12

S.R. 0079, Section A12 consisted of the complete reconstruction of a six-mile section of a six-lane interstate highway including three interchanges.  A companion project, S.R. 0079, Section A33, was a preparatory contract to upgrade the southbound lanes and constructed temporary crossovers in 2004 in anticipation of the main project.  The construction costs were approximately $93,000,000 and $3,500,000 for Sections A12 and A33, respectively.

As a subconsultant to GAI Consultants, Incorporated, TWE performed:

· Field Survey

· Base Mapping

· Right-of-Way Plans

· Traffic Control Plans

· Highway Lighting Plans

· Box Culvert Plans

The traffic control plan for Section A12 was based on maintaining two lanes of traffic in each direction at all times.  A total of four mainline and eleven ramp crossovers as well as provisions for mainline and ramp closures were incorporated into this plan.

The plan consisted of 256 plan sheets including phasing plans, typical sections, crossover plans and profiles, signing fabrication plans, and detour plans.

Design ended in 2004 and Consultation During Construction ended in 2006.








ASCE Award of Merit —February 16, 2008

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