Outdoor Advertising Devices, Junkyard, Automotive Dismantlers & Recyclers

PENNDOT is required by law to control Outdoor Advertising devices (OAD), which include all commercial and on-premise business signing adjacent to controlled highways.  Engineering District 12-0’s (serving Westmoreland, Washington, Fayette and Greene counties) Right-of-Way Unit was in charge of the Outdoor Advertising Sign Program and for the protection of highway right-of-ways from encroachments.  Encroachments  are objects placed within the legal limits of the highway right-of-way without permission.

The purpose of this project was two-fold: to assist PENNDOT District 12-0 upgrade their OAD and Junkyard, Automotive Dismantlers and Recyclers  record keeping system, and to perform the field work necessary to locate and document the existing OAD’s and junkyards along the controlled highways in order to provide a baseline for future surveillance activities.

TWE’s role on this project included:

· Reviewing Central Office and District Outdoor Advertising Devices  (OAD) records and updating as required to establish consistency between the record sets.

· Locating and documenting all OAD on the controlled highways, and preparing a status report on each OAD sufficient to allow PENNDOT to assess the legality of each device and whether it encroached on PENNDOT right-of-way.

· Locating all junkyards on the controlled highways, entering the data into an approved spreadsheet and preparing a status report for each junkyard sufficient to allow PENNDOT to assess the legality of each junkyard and whether its operation encroaches on PENNDOT right-of-way.

· Providing litigation support and expert witness testimony to assist PENNDOT in any litigation involving data verification as a result of this project.

· Assisting PENNDOT in notifying owners of all Outdoor Advertising Devices, Junkyards, and Automotive Dismantlers and Recyclers of encroachments, in transmitting permit applications to the owners of unpermitted OAD’s, in monitoring the responses from these owners including payment of fees, and in assigning permit numbers to these devices.

· Mailing PENNDOT’s “Right-of-Way Encroachment and Outdoor Advertising Sign Control” brochure to all elected local, county, state and federal officials.

· Providing all required status reports, project identification reports (as required) and final report that summarized and documented all activities undertaken as part of this project.

For more information about Right-of-Way Encroachment & Outdoor Advertising Sign Control, go to the Right-of-Way Unit page of PENNDOT’s Design Services Division web site.

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William R. Crawford, P.E.


As Vice President of TWE, Mr. Crawford manages the operations of TWE and has over 33 years of experience in all facets of highway, transportation, street, and site development projects.  He also manages TWE’s design team, quality control/quality assurance of work products and acts as liaison with clients.                               email

Michael D. Ewalt, P.E.

Project Engineer

Mr. Ewalt is a highway and structural engineer with 10 years of experience in assisting in the design and analysis of various highway and bridge projects.

Donald T. Mann, P.L.S.

Technical Manager

Mr. Mann has over 27 years of experience in land, engineering, and construction surveying.  As a survey party chief, he has performed engineering, topographic, property, and construction surveying on a variety of civil engineering and site development projects.


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