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Fracture Critical Bridge Inspections

This ongoing project is a five-year contract to provide NBIS and fracture critical inspection of 21 major bridges owned by PENNDOT Engineering District 11-0 in Allegheny, Beaver, and Lawrence Counties.  As a subconsultant to SAI Consulting Engineers, Incorporated, TWE’s responsibilities include providing bridge inspection services, report preparation assistance, and structural analysis.  Among the bridges included in this contact are the S.R. 0079 Bridge over the Ohio River, Birmingham Bridge over the Monongahela River, and 31st Street Bridge over the Allegheny River.



Various Allegheny County-Owned Bridge Inspections

2002/2003 System-wide Biennial Bridge Inspection

The scope of this project consisted of the re-inspection of approximately 850 structures, over 20-feet in length, owned by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC).

All work was done to meet the NBIS requirements of the FHWA and PENNDOT.  As a subconsultant to URS Corporation, TWE inspected 100 structures of various types, ranging from box culverts and single-span bridges to multi-span bridges and sign structures.  Because the PTC provides all traffic control for the inspection of the mainline structures, maintaining project schedule is critical.  During peak periods, TWE was able to provide up to three 2-person inspection teams to meet the project requirements.  TWE’s staff was responsible for updating the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s electronic bridge inspection report, the database for all bridges that we inspected.

PA DCNR—Various Bridge Inspections

The Ferncliff High Bridge,  carrying Baughman Trail over the Youghiogheny River

ACDPW Group 04-I-D—Various Bridge Inspections

As a subconsultant to L. R. Kimball Associates, TWE’s responsibilities on this Allegheny County Department of Publlc Works project involving the bridge inspection, report preparation, and structural analysis of twelve (12) bridges, included cast-in-place concrete box culverts, reinforced concrete and masonry spandrel arch bridges, as well as simple span concrete slab bridges.

I-79 bridge and approach over Ohio River

This ongoing project consists of performing regular NBIS inspections on over 740 Allegheny County owned bridges, all over 20-feet in length, between 2007 and 2014.

As a subconsultant to HDR Engineering, Inc., TWE has performed over 48 inspections, including all field work, report preparation, and structure analysis, where required.

The project team is using the Inspect Tech’s Bridge Inspect software to manage the data on this project and to facilitate report preparation.

This project was a multi-year open-end contract to provide NBIS bridge inspection services on over 175 DCNR owned bridges and culverts  over a three-year period.  The structures ranged from concrete and metal pipe and arch culverts to concrete, steel, and timber bridges.  While most of these structures were relatively small (less than 20’) single-span structures, several were very large, including the Ferncliff High Bridge.  This six (6) span fractural critical structure consists of two (2) 9’-0” deep steel built-up girders carrying Baughman Trail over the Youghiogheny River.  Work included in-depth inspection of all structural members, load rating of the structure, and the preparation of report and repair plans.

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