Mon-Fayette Expressway, Section 51A

This complex section of the Mon/Fayette Expressway is located where the Uniontown to Brownsville segment ties into the existing S.R. 119 just north of Uniontown, Fayette County, PA. It includes a high-speed interchange between the Mon/Fayette Expressway and S.R. 119, the reconstruction of the interchange between S.R. 51 & 119, and a new local interchange between the Mon/Fayette Expressway and Northgate Highway.

The construction cost of Section 51A2 was $35,775,000 and the estimated construction cost of Section 51A1 is $58,200,000.

The preliminary design phase also included an additional 1.7 miles of limited access highway that was designated as Section 51B for final design.

TWE was also a subconsultant for the preliminary design of Section 51C and the final design of Sections 51B, 51C, 51F, 51H, and 51J. TWE provided field survey, base mapping, right of way plan preparation and utility coordination services.

Some of the highlights of TWEs work effort on this project included:

 Design of three highway bridges MFE 156 and MFE 157 that carry the MFE over Northgate Highway and MFE 146 carrying S.R. 51 over S.R. 119

 Coordination of over $15,000.000 of utility relocation including five major gas transmission lines owned and operated by Duke Energy

 Highway lighting design at all three interchanges of the project area

 Established a network of six high accuracy survey monuments using GPS in the static mode for use during the construction phase

 Prepared the tabulation and summary of quantity sheets for Section 51A

All sections of the Uniontown to Brownsville portion of the Mon/Fayette Expressway have now been completed. The final section opened in August of 2012

Construction of the Fan Hollow Bridge connecting Sections 51A2 and 51B

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